«ZIIOT&UTC Global» corporationperforms its activities with full support from the Government of PRC and is the only Chinese company in the field of international standardization of products, equipment, quality, services, management, etc.

Two-dimensional code is an ID-QR-code, which is already widely replacing bar codes all over the world. «ZIIOT&UTC Global» corporation is acknowledged on the global market by companies of international standardization, such as ISO, AIM, CEN, etc.

In August 2019, an «Agreement on strategic partnership»was signed between the «Fund for Regional Development of Chinese-Armenian Relations» and «ZIIOT&UTC Global» corporation.

 «ZIIOT&UTC Global» has the right to provide two-dimensional codes for all sorts of businesses and, at the moment, does business in a number of countries: China, Canada, countries of South-East Asia and now also in the Republic of Armenia, represented by the «Fund for Regional Development of Chinese-Armenian Relations», which has exclusive rights to apply the system of international standard of two-dimensional coding.

Two-dimensional coding is a new and attractive product of the 21st century, which is adapted for all types of businesses, irrespective of its country of origin. Two-dimensional coding permits to strikingly increase exportation of products. In 2019 importation of products from China to Armenia was 8 times larger than exportation.

Using two-dimensional codes will permit to systematize, structure and confirm availability of all underlying required documentation, quality of the goods, and general information about the goods in Chinese, Armenian and English languages. This will accelerate the speed of product clearance, simplify and increase the turnover of products between Armenia and China.