Jiangsu GeFan Technology Trade Co.

Fund’s division in China for import, export and trade financing,

«Jiangsu GeFan Technology Trade Co., Ltd.».

 The Fund is the only Armenian company that has its own export, import and trade financing division in China, represented by company «Jiangsu GeFan Technology Trade Co., Ltd»(hereinafter «GeFan»), website - The company’s headquarters are located in the City of Nanjing, and its representative offices are located in the City of Foshan and the province of Hainan.

«GeFan» has the required licenses for performing a wide spectrum of financial and economic activities, including licenses for import and export, financing, etc. The company has cooperation agreements with the biggest producers of China, banks, «SinoSure» insurance company, which is a credit company for financing export deals and is the only credit insurance company in the world, the biggest state insurance company, that directly reports to the ministry of Finance of China.

Reducing customer expenses, the company takes full service and transaction management on itself, such works can include:

  • Searchingproducers, supplier or buyers of certain goods and services, as well as business partners in China.
  • Attractingfunding on privileged terms in Chinese national currency RMB (Chinese yuan) for the term of 7-10 years, and with the use of classical pledge instruments provided by the Fund. Provision of credits and insurance is made through «GeFan» or directly by Chinese banks, with insuring repayment of credit in «SinoSure».
  • Checkingtrustworthiness of Chinese partners.
  • Engagingin preliminary or on-going negotiations in course of dealing with Chinese companies, including online negotiations through internet.
  • Advisingand supporting in all the phases of negotiations, during contract execution, purchases, supplies and import-export activities.
  • Purchasingand dispatching goods from China to Armenia and other countries.
  • Transportationof goods within China, preservation and collection in Chinese wearhouses, arranging custom clearance and sending goods to Armenia, Russia, Kazakhstan and other member states of the CIS, the Customs Union of EAEU or other countries.
  • Proposingservices of Chinese leasing companies for purchasing equipment, machineries and other goods.
  • Preparingand collecting documents related to transportation, custom clearance, the transaction, goods, manufacturers and other documents.
  • Supervisionover the quality of the goods during production, handover and loading of the goods, including tests in the laboratory.
  • Providingbusiness assistance for the client’s delegations in China, participation in negotiations, providing translator’s services.
  • Preservingthe interests of Armenian companies and their production in China.

Being a licensed entity for import and export, our division in China will take the role of exporter and importer.

All of the above functions are fully or partially performed by our Chinese division. Our services are much cheaper and more convenient than securing your presence in China by keeping there an office and employees.

The high qualification of our experts, our partner relations with manufacturers and big logistic companies in China, permit us to provide services of the highest quality.

Prior to supplies from China, our experts, together with the client, elaborate a technical assignment with all the detailed properties of the goods. The goods are searched on the market according to the assignment. Our qualified experts can speak Russian, English and Chinese, they perform in-depth research of markets, available data bases on manufacturing and statistics, they also collect information related to good manufacturers and suppliers.