DHL Armenia

The company was established in 1969 in the USA for transportation of documents between San-Francisco and Honolulu. However, soon DHL spread its activities all over the world. At the moment, the company is included in Deutsche Post DHL group of companies. Headquarters of the company is located in Bonn (Germany).

DHL Express delivers express parcels and documents to over 120,000 cities in 220 countries and regions. The company has over 84,000 offices, around 34,000 cars for delivery of documents and parcels, and over 260 airplanes. Besides DHL Express, the following four companies act under the DHL brand:
DHL Supply Chain — management of supply chains;
DHL Global Mail — mailing services, including direct mail services;
DHL Global Forwarding — air transportation, sea freight, multimodal transportation;
DHL Freight — overland transportation;
DHL Parcel.
The total number of staff is around 380,000 people (as of year 2019).
The company is the world leader in express deliveries, controlling 39% of the market as of year 2018. Its closest competitors are UPS and FedEx, who own 30% and 22% of the market correspondingly.

The company has branch offices in Armenia: in the city of Gyumri, in the city of Vanadzor, in Zvartnots airport and the central office of the company is located at 27 Amiryan str. Yerevan.