G-Global International Secretariat and the China-Armenia Relations Regional Development Fund

On March 9, 2022, “a seminar on financial cooperation between China and Armenia was held”, jointly organized by the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization, the G-Global International Secretariat and the China-Armenia Relations Regional Development Fund. The seminar was successfully held online, the relevant heads of the Shenzhen Local Financial Regulatory Authority attended the meeting with Ardshinbank, Armenian Commercial Bank, to discuss the development of the Shenzhen financial industry and the business environment, the business prospects of the Armenian financial institutions in Shenzhen, and the strategic scheme of their deep integration into the development process of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.

Chairman of the Board of “Ardshinbank” Artak Ananyan presented the situation with the bank, which was founded in 2002 and is one of the three largest banks in the Republic of Armenia. the number of branches and the number of employees The bank ranked first in the country's banking system, and in 2019 was named the "best bank in Armenia" by "Global Finance". the bank has significant business strengths in areas such as energy, manufacturing and mining, and does business with major financial institutions in many countries, including China.


The relevant heads of the Shenzhen Local Financial Regulatory Administration introduced the development of Shenzhen's financial industry, the advantages of the business environment, and the policies to support the development of the financial industry. According to the information provided, the overall level of Shenzhen's financial development, the overall volume and growth rate are at the forefront of the country, in science and innovation, green, small and micro and other financial fields, the growth rate is even more significant. The development of the financial industry in Shenzhen has the advantages of two-zone entry policy, economic cumulative advantage, industrial development advantage, population vitality advantage, and natural environment advantage. In line with the recently revised "Some Measures to Support the Development of the Financial Industry in Shenzhen" policy framework, Shenzhen will intensify its efforts to support qualified foreign financial institutions to set up enterprises and expand their business in Shenzhen through new branches and representative offices.

The relevant leaders of the Shenzhen Institute for Financial Stability and Development presented the planning and policy framework for the Marina Bay International Financial Center in Bao'an Central District, which it is helping to promote. Bao'an District has the largest number of high-tech enterprises in the city, has good international communication conditions, such as the core of the Bay Area and the international airport. In the next five years, Bao'an will build a world-class modern manufacturing city, the Binhai Bay International Area and a high-quality city of people's happiness, and plan and build an international financial center in the center of Bao'an Central District. Bao'an implements special policy to provide incentives

and financing for the opening of financial institutions, especially foreign international financial institutions, and the provision of related subsidies for the purchase and rental of office space and business development. Ardshinbank said it will continue to deeply understand the Baoan business environment and regulatory requirements for foreign banks to set up branches in China, and will announce to regulators that they will register their branch in the Dawang area.


Using this seminar as a real opportunity, the Foundation for Regional Development of Chinese-Armenian Relations and the G-Global SECRETARIAT will continue active docking, introduce international financial institutions to be located in Shenzhen, organize national financial institutions along the Silk Road to establish international financial industry incubators in Greater China, attract global financial talent, helping Shenzhen build an influential global hub for financial innovation, and promoting financial openness to the outside world.