Bloomage International Investment Group Co., Ltd

Bloomage International is a group with diversified business types, integrating investment, operation, and physical industries. Its core business involves the cultural sports industry and the health and beauty industry. The group's subsidiary Bloomage Biotech, the world's largest company engaging in hyaluronic acid research, development, and production, has been successfully listed on the SSE STAR Market. Bloomage LIVE · Wukesong Arena undertook the Beijing 2008 Games and will undertake Beijing Olympic Winter Games in 2022. It boasts the world's only one stadium that won the right to host two Olympic Games, making it an industry benchmark and a model in stadium operation.

Bloomage LIVE · Yudong Arena is an upgraded version of Wukesong Arena. With an investment of 4.8 billion yuan, it covers an area of 320,000 square meters and the floor space reaches about 600,000 square meters. Located at Lianhua Sub-district, Banan District, it is close to Yudong Station of CRT Line 2 or 3.

Yudong Arena comprises one stadium and three gymnasiums, which are able to hold international and domestic high-end sports culture projects and mass sports activities. Among them, the comprehensive gymnasium, with 16,000 seats, is the only one that can undertake the NBA China Games and the National Hockey League in southwest China. It can also achieve a venue change for the two sports within six hours. The multi-purpose gymnasium, with 2,000 seats, is a supporting facility of the comprehensive gymnasium. It owns a complex space that allows a wide variety of spatial arrangements. The stadium, with 35,000 seats, was upgraded by Bloomage International with an investment of more than 200 million yuan. It is open to the public free of charge throughout the year. Another gymnasium, with 5,000 seats, embraces the main venue of Chongqing's only one professional basketball club set up by Bloomage International. This club once participated in China's National Basketball League (NBL) on behalf of Chongqing and achieved excellent results. It also plans to participate in the Chinese Basketball Association League (CBA).

Since the operation of the arena, it has held more than 160 events, including the World Curling Championships, ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating, Chongqing International Badminton Open, International Cultural and Creative Week, Banan District Sports Meeting, DOTA E-sports League, and League of Legends Pro League, as well as concerts of Fei Yu-ching, Jeff Chang Shin-che, and other singers.

The immersive business supporting the project provides perfect and excellent cultural sports and entertainment content and supporting services. The art museum holds various excellent cultural and artistic exhibitions all year-round. The self-built municipal corridor is seamlessly connected with the CRT Yudong Station through the Spatio-temporal tunnel. Besides, the newly-built outdoor courts for basketball, table tennis, and badminton as well as other public places for rock climbing, skateboarding, and child entertainment are free of charge to the residents throughout the year. Bloomage LIVE · Yudong Arena integrates diverse forms and modes of business based on interaction and experience, including cultural sports, cultural entertainment, cultural art, cultural life, cultural education, etc. By virtue of mature operating models, it strives to build the project into a cultural sports landmark that features vitality and new lifestyles. So far, this project has won such titles as "Chongqing Sports Tourism Complex", "Chongqing Cultural Industry Exemplary Base", "Chongqing New Power Commercial Brand", "Southwest Urban Commercial New Landmark", and "Innovative Model Exemplary Project"