Sanya Investment Promotion Bureau is organizing a trade cooperation conference with Armenia.

We are expanding our international business circle! Sanya Investment Promotion Bureau is organizing a trade cooperation conference with Armenia.


On March 4, the Sanya Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau held an online trade cooperation meeting with relevant parties in Armenia. The participants held an in-depth exchange of views on issues such as commercial trade and financial cooperation, aimed at strengthening bilateral trade and economic cooperation between the two countries, further promoting the attraction of international investment in Sanya, attracting more high-quality Armenian enterprises to invest in Joan, promoting high-quality economic development of Sanya.

Attended the conference: Hayk Margaryan, Director of the National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia, Atoyan Koryun, former Deputy Minister of Finance of the Republic of Armenia, Member of Parliament and Academician of the International Academy of Natural and Social Sciences of Armenia, Dr. Sergey Avanesov, President of the Regional Development of Chinese-Armenian Relations, Marina Kprian, General Director of the travel company "Armenia Travel". Director of the Hainan Economics and Trade Office Li Baoguo detailed Armenia's cooperation in the fields of finance, culture, education and so on, and provided information on the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port and investment opportunities in Sanya from various points of view through the representatives of the Sanya Investment Promotion Bureau and entrepreneurial projects. The participants actively used their comparative advantages and jointly discussed and planned a series of financial, international trade, cultural pavilions and other projects. The atmosphere of the talks was warm.

Although China and Armenia are thousands of miles apart, the traditional friendship, economic complementarity and sincere willingness to cooperate between the two countries have laid a solid foundation for deepening cooperation between the two sides. Currently, both countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus are at an important stage of reform and development, and the prospects for cooperation are very broad. Sanya firmly seized the opportunity to build the Hainan Free Trade Port, actively overcome the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic situation, comprehensively used precise investment promotion and other ways, combined with the needs of urban development and Armenia's national conditions, worked diligently to implement the development strategy, planned cooperation projects on grassroots level, explored the potential of bilateral cooperation, studied in depth the benefits of attracting international investment, showed interest in Chinese-Armenian practical cooperation and Sanya's full openness to the outside world.