Jiangsu Green Materials Vally New Material T&D Co., Ltd (GMV)

Jiangsu Green Materials Vally New Material T&D Co., Ltd (GMV)- is a high-tech company specialized in the research and development, manufacturing, marketing and technical assessment of high-performance basalt fibers and composites.

GMV was founded in Dec 2010 in Nanjing, China with an investment of 20 million RMB. GMV is the only official “National and local Union Engineering Research Center for Basalt Fiber Production and Application Technology”, responsible for the transformation of research achievements in this field. GMV provides high-performance basalt fibers, heat-resistant resin, FRP bar/cable/board/grid/intelligent cables, and other composites.

GMV technical staffs come from all over the world. They are the top-level experts and highly competent professionals in the field of FRP composites. Zhishen Wu, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GMV, is a national distinguished expert of the “One thousand people plan”, who has made seminal contributions in the areas of advanced fiber and FRP composites. Since the company was founded, GMV has been committed to carry out independent technological innovation. GMV has spearheaded the development of numerous advanced technologies, including the stable, large scale and high-end basalt fiber production, heat-resistant resin production, fiber hybrid composites, the basalt fiber composite core production, prepreg production, and smart materials production technologies, to cite a few examples. Some of these technological developments are considered as leading innovations in the world, in the field of advanced and sustainable materials and composites, and have contributed to addressing the needs in a number of domestic technologies and applications.