Meeting at the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia

Meeting was held between the leadership of the “Fund for the Regional Development of Sino-Armenian Relations”, represented by General Director Vladimir Simonyants and President of the Fund Sergey Avanesov, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia Mr. Varos Simonyan, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia Ms. Naira Margaryan and Head of the Department of Foreign Investments of the RA Ministry of Economy Armen Ayvazyan.
The Fund provided information on numerous past events and decisions in December 2019, such as signing the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between the Hainan province of China and the Shirak region of the Republic of Armenia, the Fund’s participation in the “Winter International Fair of Tropical Agricultural Products 2019” with the representation of Armenia National Stand, meetings with the Commerce and Trade Committee of Province Hainan, the Ministry of Human Resources, Hainan Airlines, etc.
The Ministry of Economy appreciated the work done by the Fund, made a number of constructive proposals and explanations, which the Fund will take into account in its subsequent work.