Reception at the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Armenia

Meeting was held between representatives of the “Fund for the Regional Development of Sino-Armenian Relations” represented by the President of the Fund Sergey Avanesov and the General Director of the Fund Vladimir Simonyants with the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Armenia Mr. Urazaev Timur Babitalievich and adviser to the Ambassador Ms. Isimova A.K.
During the meeting, the programs proposed by the Fund related to international multimodal (combined) cargo transportation, which are an integral element of world trade and one of the main factors of economic development, were discussed.
  Comprehensive transport and logistics services organized by integrating all the services of Russian Railways Holding, the Georgian Railway (GZD), the Armenian Railway (SCR) and the railway-ferry company, uniting suppliers into a single supply chain in the multimodal transport market (via the railway ferry line)  the port of Caucasus (Russia) - the port of Poti (Georgia) and further to Armenia, Iran and back, guarantee timely delivery of goods, which will ensure economic efficiency of business activities of two Republics.
  In the near future, a service will be provided for the transportation of goods along the route China - Kazakhstan - Russia - Georgia - Armenia - Iran and vice versa.
  The China-Kazakhstan route, with the participation of a railway ferry (port Caucasus-port Poti) and vice versa, will become an alternative to the “Trans-Caspian corridor” passing through Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan.  Now most of the cargo from China goes to Europe by sea through the Suez Canal, an alternative to this route can serve as the proposed “Eurasian Corridor Foundation.”
  The ADVANTAGE of our Eurasian Corridor lies in one rail-ferry crossing across the Black Sea, instead of two ferry crossings across the Caspian and Black Seas with double transfer of railway cargoes to ferries, when using the Trans-Caspian Corridor.
  Faster delivery of goods and lower transportation costs can be an additional positive factor in increasing trade between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Armenia.
  The proposed logistics program has been approved by the Kazakh side.  The parties also discussed the possibility of creating a joint customs and logistics terminal in Kazakhstan.